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About DAS

Mission Statement
DrugAbuse Sciences, Inc. is dedicated to improving the treatment of alcohol and substance abuse and dependence through the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative and cost-effective medications.

Company Overview
DrugAbuse Sciences, Inc. is engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of medications for the treatment of alcohol and substance abuse and dependence. DAS is the first company developing a comprehensive portfolio of products and services dedicated to addiction medicine. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism afflict over 30 million people in the US and Europe. Another 5-6 million people suffer from heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine abuse and dependence. DrugAbuse Sciences was founded in 1994, and is headquartered in California, USA with a wholly owned subsidiary in France.

Medical authorities now recognize addiction as a disease. These authorities include not only The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and The National Institute on Drug Abuse, but also The American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, The American Academy of Family Physicians, The American Medical Association, and The American Society of Addiction Medicine.

DrugAbuse Sciences’ lead drug candidate, Naltrexone Depot, is currently in Phase III clinical trials as a potential treatment for alcohol dependence. Naltrexone Depot is a long-acting injectable formulation intended to be administered once-per-month.

DrugAbuse Sciences’ second drug candidate, NALTREL™ (naltrexone for injection), is in preparation for Phase III clinical trials in the treatment of heroin dependence. NALTREL™ is a long-acting formulation of naltrexone intended for once-per-month administration. The Company’s third drug candidate, DAS-431™ IV, a dopamine D1 receptor agonist, is in Phase II evaluation for the treatment of cognitive impairment in the elderly as well as a broad range of CNS diseases including schizophrenia and chronic addiction. Additional new drug candidates include Buprenorphine Depot, COC-AB™ and ITAC™, all of which are in preclinical development.

Management/Board of Directors/Scientific and Medical Advisors
DAS management has a proven track record in drug development and commercial operations, as well as financing and growing new pharmaceutical companies. The Board of Directors draws on a broad wealth of experience in start-up and growth of new, high tech companies. The Scientific and Medical Advisory Board is comprised of some of the world’s leading researchers and clinicians in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. They provide significant expertise and practical insight to help DAS management develop meaningful solutions to addiction treatment.

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