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Business Development

DrugAbuse Sciences, Inc. (DAS) is a Sales and R&D; company with an active licensing strategy. Commercially, DAS is actively seeking European and Asian partners for its near term product candidates. R&D; in-licensing encompasses drug delivery technology and pre-clinical and clinical product candidates products.


Southern Research Institute (Birmingham, AL)
In 1997, DAS in-licensed Southern Research Institute’s proprietary micro-encapsulation technology for the development of a sustained-release formulation of naltrexone and other products. The first product, Naltrexone Depot, is in Phase III clinical trials. Southern Research Institute is a leading company in drug delivery technology.

Products – R&D;

Abbott Laboratories (Abbott Park, IL)
In August 2000, DrugAbuse Sciences entered into a licensing agreement with Abbott Laboratories to acquire the rights to develop and market a D1 agonist, ABT-431™, developed by Abbott Laboratories. Under the terms of the agreement, DAS has a worldwide exclusive license for all therapeutic indications and will actively develop and commercialize ABT-431™ for substance abuse and other human therapeutic indications under the designation DAS-431™. In two initial human clinical trials, DAS-431™ showed potential for the treatment of cocaine abuse. In preliminary animal studies, DAS-431™ showed efficacy on working/learning memory impairments. DAS will assess both indications.

University Paris V (Paris, France)
In 1999, DAS entered into a research and development agreement with the University of Paris V to jointly develop DAS’ proprietary antibody platform technology. COC-AB™, a polyclonal antibody against cocaine, and MAP-AB™, a polyclonal antibody against metamphetamine, are in development. The contract was extended to include the development of monoclonal antibodies.

More recently, DrugAbuse Sciences entered into a research agreement in the field of dopamine agonists.

Products – Commercial

DAS expects to work witth corporate partners to apply the full potential of its products throughout the world.

EON Laboratories (Laurelton, NY)
In 2000, DrugAbuse Sciences was granted the license to market and distribute oral Naltrexone Hydrochloride Tablets USP, 50 mg, from EON Laboratories.

For further information on the Company’s new product portfolio, see our Products page. In order to investigate new product or commercial marketing opportunities with DrugAbuse Sciences, please contact:
Vanessa Malier
Manager, Business Development
DrugAbuse Sciences, Inc.
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